I’ve been on Zwift since the Jarvis Island days, but I kinda stopped using it around the time that the in-game group ride stuff started to roll out. I’d ride occationally on Zwift, but really, I just wasn’t riding much at all. Another story for another time. So I figured I should try out at least one group ride before I try a Zwift race. Not really the same thing, but from what I’ve seen on Twitch, it looks like the races share at least some of the in-game mechanics as the group rides. So I hit up the ZBR Friday Kibbitz. It was a super friendly group, perfect for beginners, with a nice easy 0.8 - 1.5 W/kg pace. Nothing too fast, and great for practicing my group skills. I have to say, the biggest thing I learned, is that I probably need to make sure I’m getting my power up as the timer is running down for the start of the ride/race. I was just spinning to warm up a little, and was damn near dropped trying to ramp up my power. So more like a rolling start than a standing start.