09 September 2017

I've done a bit of everything in IT over the years. I've tinkered with Linux since the mid '90s (first distro
was Slackware, installed off of a stack of about 100 floppies), and I first started tinkering with BASIC way back
in elementary school. Professionally, I've done everything from desktop support and help desk work, to UNIX admin,
to mobile, and backend development (and a bit of frontend too). I've loved being a professional dev, but still
sometimes get nostalgic for my UNIX admin days. I've come dangerously close to buying an old SGI Octane2 or O2
more than once, I just can't figure out what I'd do with one. Instead, I tinker with OpenBSD, and use it as the
backbone of my overly complex home network. And for some odd reason, I've recently decided to try my hand at
herding developers. One of these days, I need to get back on my bike again too. Have I mentioned I'm a bit